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About Us

Connor Nemetz

Co-Founder & CEO

Breakaway Bike started as a solution to a problem our founder and triathlete, Connor Nemetz, was facing. A career in tech sales meant Connor was travelling 10-15 days each month. It was a challenge to fit in the bike training he needed to maintain and build his fitness. Hotel gyms didn’t offer studio quality stationary bikes. Connor set out to design a portable, professional quality stationary bike that could go anywhere with him, allowing him to maintain and build his fitness. As a father of 3 living in a small space in Santa Barbara, CA, the Breakaway Bike has solved another problem. Being a busy parent and working full time he wasn’t always able to get outside for a ride. And yet, he couldn’t fit a large, traditional stationary bike in his home; it just took up too much valuable space. The Breakaway Bike can be stored anywhere, allowing him to get training sessions in from the comfort of his room. The Breakaway Bike is a no frills, professional quality, portable stationary bike that can fit and go anywhere, allowing you to get a quality workout in on YOUR terms

John Stump

Co-Founder, Engineering and Product Design

John has over 23 years of award-winning innovation, product development, engineering, and ingenuity. His work enhances manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and improve quality and can be found across industries as diverse as medical devices, consumer electronics, and fitness equipment. He is the inventor/co-inventor/author of over 40 patents and applications.

As an avid cyclist himself, and over 15 years’ experience engineering cycling components for various bike companies, John has a passion for cycling and sharing his passion and skillset with the World.